Your Choice

Why You Want Me with My Team Serving You

In Your Next Real Estate Transaction!

 1)      I Represent YOU!

 2)      Strong Negotiator

a.       Having a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)

b.      Safety Protections and Clauses

c.       Building “Value-Created” Negotiations

     d.      Your Voice “Advocate”                          

3)      Creative Financing

a.       Lender Programs

b.      Creative Owner Financing

c.       Offset Trading (Barter)

 4)      Effective Transactional Controls

a.       Inspections

b.      Due Diligence

 5)      Area Knowledge

 6)      Team Experienced with a “Knowing”

a.       Lorie 10 years Real Estate Experience and Loving It

7)      Managing the Exposure and Risk

a.       Cost Controls

b.      Solving Problems

8)      What To Do With Your Property

a.       Creative Trade-In

b.      Creative Transaction Structuring

9)      Superior Service Agency

a.       Fiduciary, Confidentiality, Loyalty, Obedience, & Accountability

10)   Team with a Proven Record

How can I serve YOU?

LORIE TORCH                                                      


Prosperity Asset Marketing LLC